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субота, 21. јануар 2012.

Incompatible Opposites

Followed by a great contrast between traditional life based on communism, and modern development typical of capitalism brings a great deal of confusion about how life in China looks today.
Among skyscrapers, attached to modern technologies, influenced by pop culture and (un)burdened by tradition chinese people are  using wings of capitalism as motor for increasing their wealth. People are often alienated, distanced and orientated to their own problems, not carrying much about the outer world.
If one adds to this complicated mixture the fact that religion plays important part in China, especially in colonized religious Tibet, where people take their pilgrimage in order to connect their souls with God, who look almost touchable from the highest peaks of mountains in this literally the third world within China.Her politics towards Tibet is very strict, it doesn’t match very well with worshiping any God even though it is trying to be tolerant...
Trip through modern China is a trip through three different, incompatible opposites – communism,capitalism and spiritualism. At first glance, they can’t go together by any means, yet China survives and grows rapidly into a modern and stable state. Some consequences of these differences can be observed on the faces of people living behind the great wall.

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